20lbs20lb. South Roof Load Zone

Is the Federal minimum required. The South Roof Load Zone provides for roof loadings of up to 20 pounds per square foot of roof area or 38 inches of average snow. * The geographic area for this zone includes Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri, Southern Michigan, parts of Nwe York as well as, the non-hurricane zone areas of the Southern and Pacific tier of states.

5 Star Home 40lb. North Roof Load Zone 40lbs

Load bearing characteristics of our 5 star homes support roof loadings of up to 40 lb. of loading per square foot. As an example, a 1,000 sq. ft. home supports 76" of average snow* or 20 tons. This represents twice the loading requirements of the south roof load zone.

30lbs30lb. Middle Roof Load Zone**

Load bearing characteristics of the Middle Roof Load Zone support roof loadings of up to 30 pounds per square foot of roof area. This represents an additional 50% in loading capacity over homes constructed to meet the requirements of the South Roof Load Zone, which represents an additional 19" of average snow* or 57 inches of average snow.*

*Snow amounts shown reflect the depth for average snow, 10 inches of snow for each inch of water. Snow having a greater moisture content, due to relative humidity, rain or melting, will be heavier and the allowable depth of snow per inch of water will be greatly reduced. Always refer to your owners manual for handling heavy snow accumulations and/or ice damming on your roof.
** For Fairmont homes other than Foxwood
Note: Design, specifications and materials are subject to change without notice or obligation.